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BotChief has stopped working (after not using it for a long time)

ReplyThanks 2017/12/01 14:49:57 0 0

I haven't used my BotChiefEditor and BotChiefRunner for months. Now, after I finally got some time and new ideas for bots I receive the following error message (screenshot attached). The software fails to start and I have run out of ideas of what to do. I have even tried to update to the newest version and I have the same error message (I originally got this message with one of my compiled bots that worked just fine in the past).

Has anyone else run into this problem? If yes then how can this be solved? The only thing that I could think of that I didn't try is to completely uninstall and install back. However, I find this strange to do. WhiteHatBox works ok. So does a clean installation of TrafficBotPro (until the SerialNumber screen at least).

2017/12/01 16:41:39

You mean the error appeared when you click run it not run your task in it,is right?

Which version is it before you update to the newest version?

Can you please send the file to me, i will check it for you.

2017/12/03 00:12:21

I no longer have the old version as I updated it in an attempt to get rid of an error (at least this is what I thought the output of this update would be).

I do however have my compiled bot which gives the same error after configuring it to start multiple times (this is a TrafficBot I want to share with the world once the SocialShare feature in WhiteHatBox will be activated ;) )

The bot files for my free traffic generator with webproxies can be found at the following location https://spythe.net/trafficgen.zip

(if this helps someone determine why I get my error, although I don't see how this would be relevant as the bot worked just fine in the past).

2017/12/17 04:56:21
I have the same exact problem, any way to fix this?
2017/12/18 17:50:14

You can send us this file (129), once our programmer checked it, then we will contact you asap.

Btw, you can try to re install it, then re compile your module.

Note: please save the user.inf file before you re install it. Else you need to re enter the login in details.

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