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Where are returned variables stored?

ReplyThanks 2017/10/30 01:25:48 0 0
I'm able to create a basic script to create email accounts, but I don't know how to retrieve the email address and password that Botchief used to create those accounts. In one post I read that they are stored in a .CSV file, but I don't know where is that file stored?
2017/10/30 17:57:57

After you create email accounts,select Write file option to save it to the local file.

2017/11/09 13:53:59

Also you can return the values of the variables in the command "End".

It's more convenient. Also the command "Write File" is not available in the free version.

2017/11/10 04:17:58

Thanks for the help. I tried "End" but it ends the entire operation. In my module, I end up creating only 1 email and the whole operation ends.

There must be a way to loop from the beginning and write to the output. I'll try "write file" and let you know.

Thanks !

2017/11/10 04:36:16
The "write file" Works like a champ :)))). The "End" simply ends the whole process.
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