• peiqube7
  • My topic delete text from input fields
  • How to delete text in an input field? If a text is already there, I want to delete it and input my own. Is there a way to do it?
  • 2018-01-03 08:48
  • peiqube7
  • My topic how to avoid detection on t...
  • I managed to create several twitter accounts with botchief and confirmed the email. upon signing in to upload the pictures, twitter stopped my "robot" behavior and asked to verify a phone number. Do you fellows know how to get arround this?
  • 2017-11-12 11:24
  • peiqube7
  • My topic Where are returned variable...
  • I'm able to create a basic script to create email accounts, but I don't know how to retrieve the email address and password that Botchief used to create those accounts. In one post I read that they are stored in a .CSV file, but I don't know where is that file stored?
  • 2017-11-10 04:36