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reCaptcha with NO submit BUTTON

ReplyThanks 2017/10/16 23:43:05 0 0
hello everyone

i have an issue with making a bot for textnow website

it has 2 captcha verification

, in the first one its okey and i handle it with 2captcha plugin

but the second one, it has a weird captcha you can see in the picture below

it has no submit button

i use 2captcha and it gives me the answer code and i set value but there is not submit button !

i dont know how to pass this captcha
any help will be apreciated

2017/10/17 10:57:09
If I remember correctly 2captcha only works with a specific type of these captchas. I think the ones with the houses? Simply use a control operate action or a new mouse emulation to click the im not a robot then use a new captcha action and I would do either a loop or try catch to see if it is completed.
Fuck BotChief! WhiteHatBox willl steal from you, disable your keys when they don't get their way
2017/10/17 16:21:27

thanks kabone76

those 2 captchas up there are same but on the second one there is no submit/next/signup button

and about the newcaptcha action...i use it and it just says SUCCEED! and nothing happens

im not sure if newcaptcha action works well with 2captcha api

juilen arstrong
2017/12/28 10:17:29

i got the same problem, if anybody has a solution , please contact me at the skype cnukusa@hotmail.com

i will pay $50 for this
2017/12/28 11:40:06

@juilen arstrong

Hi we already added you.

Please leave message to us in Skype when you are here.

Waiting for your news.

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