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Fail Logs

ReplyThanks 2017/10/02 07:08:56 0 0
I am trying to create accounts with my bot. However, when it fails, is there a way to return some sort of "Fail Logs" to my CSV file? I would like to know at what step the bot failed, and have all of the variables that the bot has returned to the CSV output file. Is there an easy way to do this type of thing?
2017/10/09 17:58:22

So sorry for the later reply. Because we just backed to work today from our a big holiday.

Trying to create accounts with your bot? What's meaning?

2017/10/17 10:54:15
Use a try catch action. In the try add a page load wait action to verify that the you are logged in, if it not add the case to catch and it will do what you need.
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