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Progress bar and logs sample please

ReplyThanks 2017/09/18 09:14:00 0 0

any sample how to create progress bar and realtime custom logs?

2017/09/18 15:19:16

So sorry for the inconvenience.

Currently there is no sample for it. You need to use your own logical thought to think about it.

You need to think what operation it finished when you set the process to 20%, what operation it finished, when you set the process to 30%.

But we will take your suggestion into consideration. And will try to create a sample for it in the future. Please wait for the news.

2017/10/17 10:59:56
There are many ways to achieve what you are looking for. But simplest would be Aprilcaicai said - To assign manually when the action reaches 20 % 30 percent. I Will make a quick demo for you.
2017/10/17 11:04:56

A very simple tutorial. This simply uses 10 percent then 15, then continues on. If you needed to be able to do it through the module thats where things will get a bit more tricky!

Percent Bar

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