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ReplyThanks 2017/08/30 12:40:17 0 0
I want to know if this really works and has no problems at all. I have a tube assist account but its soon shutting down and some features got taken out. I stumble on your site and was giving it some thoughts the last couple days. Im thinking of getting this instead of tubebuddy. But I got 2 questions, my first question is if I order this, can I download it on multiply times on my computer or one of my laptops? Now my last question is a promo code. When I first went to the sales page when I found out about site, something pop up and it said to use a code /copy code for order. But I was hesitant to order but now the code no longer appears when I'm on the site. I really want the ultimate so I can get all the features to best use my youtube account. Is there a way you can apply a code for me to use. Thank you so much
2017/08/30 14:24:12

We won't take the already existed features away, however, we will continue to add new features for this software.

Yes, you can download this software many times, but the license can only be used on max 2 computers.

Before we are having the promote activity, but now the activity is over. So you cannot use the coupon again.

I will talk this with our team leaders, and see if they can give you some discount.

2017/08/31 06:25:16
oh okay thank you very much. If I'm able to get the discount I will definitely buy the product right away. The reason why I asked about how many times for downloading is because I have a laptop that might stop working so I wanted to be sure I will still be able to use software if I get it on my computer and another laptop. Thanks
2017/08/31 14:59:49

Ok, i see

The license can be used on max 2 computers. If you need to use it on more than 2 computers, you can buy another license. If you want to delete the previous already installed computer, then let us know, we will reset it for you.

Which version of TubeAssistPro will you buy please?

2017/09/01 17:05:57
I will buy the one account ultimate version
2017/09/01 17:31:16


You can go to buy it now, here is a promote activity in the forum.

Please feel free to contact me if you need any more help.

2017/09/01 17:48:56
okay thank you very much. I'll be sure to contact you back if I have any problems. Thankss
2017/09/01 18:53:25
Ok now I have a question/problem haha... I want to know if there is a tutorial on how to use it. Because soon as I installed it I got confused. I went on sales page because I remember near bottom there some pictures but it doesn't directly tell you how to use it. I might know now if I try playing around with it but I want to be 100% sure. So I was wondering if you guys made a tutorial because that will help out everyone who buys your products and even future products too.
2017/09/02 04:52:43
I have a problem when trying to check my account when I click start. I know I enter my email right and password. But i get this pop up "Could not load file or assembly "DevComponters.DOtNetBar.SuperGrird VErsion=, Culture=netuural, PublicKey Token=c3*********** ( I wont add the rest of the numbers just incase its personally) or one of its dependencies. The System cannot find the file specified".
2017/09/02 10:58:16

So sorry for the inconvenience. Currently there is no tutorial for it, but we are working on it. Please wait for the news. Now if there is anything you cannot understand, just contact us. We will help you.

Also you can tell us your needs of the task, we will create a sample task for you.

Here is the temporary solution for this problem, we will update it in next version asap.

Copy this file to BotChiefDll file, and make sure this file is in both files.

Let us know if it still won't work.

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