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Down again !!!!!!!!!!

ReplyThanks 2017/05/30 09:20:35 0 0

so you guys have a network error again on login ? Are you ever going to fix it ? I mean a permanent fix not for a day or two ?

2017/05/30 17:43:51
Would be nice if I could get the program open....3am here -.-
2017/05/31 01:01:21

It should be checking activation once every 30 days not every time its starts.

This would eliminate unnecessary pull on traffic load and ensure less than 99.99 uptime for server use.

Thus, even if Their server went down we would be able to use the program.

The way they have it is for Fort Knox protection overkill, but it makes paying users look elsewhere....

2017/06/01 14:56:40

We already fixed it. Please go to have a try again.

The same case won't happen again.

So sorry for the inconvenience.

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