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  • My topic Module Object Manipulation
  • Your product so far has had small hiccups but overall has been amazing! I have created a few bots using this software that run continuously throughout the day separately to complete specific tasks. These bots are quite elaborate, 450+ lines of commands each, but I wanted to consolidate these modules into one bot to reduce computer overhead and potentially expand my operation. I thought it would be as simple as opening the modules and dragging the commands to a newly created module but it tells me "can't do this in different modules". My question is. Is there a way that I can copy the commands from one module to another within the Editor? Or do I have to create a brand new module and redo all the custom code and commands all over again? Thanks!
  • 2018-06-05 02:30
  • kameo2k
  • My topic Possible discount for Pro t...
  • Is it possible to get a discount on purchasing the elite license if I already have the pro version? $197 is kind of steep considering I already paid $97 for the pro version.  Thanks!
  • 2017-06-21 11:04
  • kameo2k
  • My topic Unable to use BotChief
  • Well...this is my last resort but I have been unable to use your software since 5:30am this morning becuase of a "network error" it is now 3pm. I have submitted a trouble ticket, e-mailed [email protected], added you all on skype (with no response to the friend request), and even sent a message on here directly to an admin for help. Why is this "network error" preventing me from using software I paid for? Can someone PLEASE reply to this message so I can continue working... Thank You.
  • 2017-05-19 03:39
  • kameo2k
  • My topic Email Operation
  • Well I am loving the automation of this thing and the fact that it is pretty easy to understand. I have an issue with the e-mail operations though. I am trying to send an e-mail from my Gmail account and the operation is failing. I made sure that the SMTP server was correct as well as requiring SSL and the port number per google's instructions. Also made sure both POP# and IMAP were enabled for my Gmail account and turned on "allow less secure apps" under the account settings. Has anyone else successfully used the sendEmail operation to work with Gmail? Thanks!
  • 2017-04-26 11:52