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How to make a counter with Botchief Editor

ReplyThanks 2017/05/29 21:04:45 0 0
I was wondering how I would go about making a counter in bot chief?

Im trying to record everytime I click a certain button, and then rest for a certain amount of time after...say...100 clicks or actions.

Does anyone have any advice as to what would be the best way to do this??

Thanks for your time and consideration. :)

I was thinking maybe write a 1 for every action in a .txt file....then count the lines every action and if there are 100 lines then take a break. BUT I'm not sure how to do that??

2017/05/30 17:39:22
I figured it out. Let me know if you would like an explanation. :)
2017/05/30 17:42:33
2 # Artdope 2017/5/30 17:39:22
I figured it out. Let me know if you would like an explanation. :)
How did you end up doing it? I was going to tell you to create a counter variable and use the variable operate function to add 1 to the counter right after every time it completed whatever action you were wanting to count.
2017/06/01 09:34:38
Thats exactly what I did. I then added an IF processor saying if the 1's equal to a certain amount of 1's then pause/break. :)
Was very effective.
2017/06/01 18:17:02

Here is a sample. Please go to check this post:


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