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Hows the csv work?

ReplyThanks 2014/07/26 21:09:11 0 0
I want to import a bunch of csv variables and have spinner chief create a unique article for each variable. Is there a tutorial for this?
2014/07/27 20:52:27
You can just use the CSV variable function to import your CSV file, then use the variable in your article. The varaible use format in article is [variable1] , [variable2] ...
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2014/08/06 17:52:15

Where is the CSV variable function? I watched all of the videos, including legacy videos and didn't see it mentioned.

On video mentioned using CSV, but it was for an old version that talked about doing it from within project settings, which doesn't appear to be where it is anymore.

2014/08/07 03:42:05

here it is >>

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2014/08/07 21:50:31
Thanks! Looks like I need to take out the ol' glasses cleaner. ;-)
2014/08/07 23:50:21
Had posted a message - but figured out the issue.
2014/08/26 18:36:25

I can't get the orderly spin to work. My variables aren't replaced with the data from the csv file.

* I use the following variables in my article:



* keywordtarget and keywordtarget1 are the headers of the csv file I import.

* In the CSV window I select:

- enable CSV function when spin

- Replace orderly

* In the spin screen that says "Generate article" I have the following selected:

- article amount is set to same number of data rows in the csv file

- Capitalize Initial Letters In Title

- Spin Orderly

- Auto-spin frequency is set to 1

2014/08/26 22:46:01

Can you please send me the CSV you are using to do this?

And if the randomly replace works for you?

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2014/08/26 22:54:00
Hi, I just emailed the csv and article template to the support email. Is that where you want me to send it? I tried randomly replace and that didn't work either.
2014/08/26 23:32:01
ok thanks, I will check it asap
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