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2016/03/25 04:14:10
I want to try that to see if it works, can you help? I need just 2 hours for test and if anything is straight, i will buy the product, thanks.
2016/03/27 22:45:04
There is a free version that you can learn to create your bot and see if it works.
2016/03/28 03:21:49

I know about free version but i don't know how to creat that bot, i need help, tutorial, etc..... :(

Is not easy, even if you not need code.

2016/03/28 04:09:20

please check this link to learn how to use these function: http://www.whitehatbox.com/bbs/BBSPost?postid=176

Besides, you also can click this link to learn how to create bot


wish this is helpful to you

2016/03/31 09:42:43

Is still hard for me, that tutorial are unuseful for what i need, even if you not need programer code, you need to have some knowledge about that, the software is very hard for beginners like me :D

So i suggest you to do a tutorial like that or something and send it to me in pm, is not necessery to comunicate here.

Or i don't know, give me a sugestion.

2016/04/01 00:51:24
Hi, Pushkarev we can help you create it, please add my skype account: whitehatbox we can talk the details about it, thanks
2016/04/07 15:33:35

How about the ability to save the content of a control (which contains text) to a variable?

Or being able to save the value of a control attribute to a variable?

Would be very helpful for copy/pasting processes which aren't controlled by the Scraper.

2016/04/07 23:18:35
You also can use "Scraper"->"Advanced Scrape" to scrape the value of a control attribute and save to a variable.
2016/05/31 18:44:02
I need a new function. It's called "Let it be just works."
2016/07/06 13:26:51
Recaptcha V2 Auto solve function. Plugin free or paid. It is limiting boting on many site. I know there is support for manual. I just need auto selection of images from captcha solver.
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