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  • Schedule Tasks Schedule and automate single or multiple tasks continuously with ease, set different schedule time range for each account, set intervals between each schedule... This is from description of other automation software i use... ( i wont write name, but if you like to know wich one i can send it to you in private email message) I like to be able set Instagram or facebook accounts to run from 08:00 in the morning til 08;00 at evening , and to repeat same task everyday at this time interval. How can i achive this ? Here is screenshoot of thier program settings. Its easy and its doing great job, you can even limit program to work on Weekend Days.  If you dont have this feature, make something like this will be great for your product.  I like to setup program on VPS, and forget that i have it:-) With all this settings i can act more like human. 
  • 10-1 22:13
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  • Hello there,  just bought your program and i like to set next: i like to send friend requests to all people who liked or commented some page posts. How can i set up this? tnx a lot  Best regards
  • 2017-11-14 11:31