• jenrib
  • My topic Submit button does not work...
  • I visit this url in botchief and try entering a company name like cesx then hit get quote and nothing happens. I open in firefox and do the same thing and get quote button works fine. Does this have anything to do with my useragent? I got the useragent straight from the browser I use. I dont see why it would but trying to figure this out and its got me to a dead stop until botchief can take action when button is clicked. Louis
  • 1-9 0:52
  • jenrib
  • My topic trying to add string to end...
  • Operating System:Windows 7 Operating System Bit:32bit Software Version:6.1 build 7601 service pack 1 under action settings in processing way I select appends the string in dropdown works fine but then I go to added string and shows white box (not greyed out) but I cannot add anything in there. I need to add to a domain name there in order to append the url with different usernames but clicking in the white area in added string box wont allow any input.
  • 2016-12-22 08:48
  • jenrib
  • My topic content bomb scraping google
  • I am confused how to proceed. I add google in online content. I set domain and filter to google and the keyword I want. Not sure why there is a search engine selection but I selected google. I search results, filter and save. Not sure why I need to do this and why i am saving articles this way. I save but dont see those articles also. This doesnt seem to help anything anyway. I then go to add and get a place to put source url. I use I hit button says get source code and error pops up get the page source code failed. Chk my network. I go to browser and google comes up fine. Even if this did work I would not know next step. Worst part is i go to video and all I here is a horrible computer voice telling us how to use some parts of this but cant understand a thing it is saying. It would be nice to at least read something that would help or if someone had similar issue I could not find any. Frustrating without any written documentation Some help please
  • 2016-09-13 02:59
  • jenrib
  • My topic Content bomb will not work ...
  • All my settings are correct I get no errors in my server logs and none n the program but will not load alerts at all. It works fine thru my word press rss feed though with no problems
  • 2016-08-28 11:34