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  • When I submitted my original post, I got a message  that 9+8 does not equal 17 and I ended up on a blank page not knowing if my post was submitted or not.. Original title "Open spreadsheet and text file, copy and paste data from text file to spreadsheet? Original questions "Almost 4 years ago I asked about this and it was not possible because BotChief could not open spreadsheets or copy anything to the clipboard. Has that changed? I have hundreds of text files with approximately 165 lines each and need to automate the copy, paste and save functions. 1. I need to open a spreadsheet and a text file, select and copy the data in the text file and paste it into the spreadsheet. 2. Select and copy the results in the spreadsheet to another text file and save the results."
  • 2018-02-13 10:14
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  • For example to open and sort a spreadsheet? UPDATE: The above was my original question but after watching the BotChief tutorial on Youtube it seems that Bot Chief was created for automating actions on websites. True or not? If created for automating actions on websites, does that exclude interactions on my computer for copying and pasting data?
  • 2014-03-29 05:01