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  • There is a icon on the panel: I think it should be what I want, but as I tested, it is not. This button will open a debug window, wait for a few seconds, then shut down, doing nothing. The worst part is, it change the account status back to "Is checking", means I have to "start" to update status again. I tested it a few times, got the same results. Looks like it is useless. So what I want is: Open a browser, like Firefox/Chrome, NOT a debug window with setting the designated proxy (w/user & psw) & cookies (important!), in incognito mode. So I can do something outside Followinglike, which Followinglike doesn't allow me to. In debug window, it seems I can do click or something else, but they are all inside Facebook.(Facebook version), but I need to do something like loging in other social media website. 
  • 10-9 17:39
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  • Hi  As per my experience on other scripts like Followliker or Dominator, accounts might easily got banned if setup improperly. Also I heard some issues about Facebook accounts got banned without any notification too. I have a lot  FB accs incoming and plan to use Followinglike. Those are new accounts with dedicated IPV6 proxies, 1 proxy for 2-3 accounts.   So my question is, how to setup Followinglike in order not to be banned by Facebook? Anything I should know before I do that? Thanks
  • 9-25 18:15