• Julius1895
  • My topic Like the last Photo of a User
  • Hello, I want to just like the last photo of a users feed. Is that possible? How can I adjust the settings to do that? Thank you.  Julius
  • 11-10 17:10
  • Julius1895
  • My topic Run two tasks for one Accou...
  • Hello,  is it possible to run more than one task at once? Because I am running one task in a loop. When I am trying to start another task, it doesn't start. Is that because I can only run one task at a time? Thank you
  • 11-7 19:57
  • Julius1895
  • My topic How to unfollow people afte...
  • Hello, I know that I can unfollow people that have not followed me back. But how can I unfollow people I followed (even if they followed me back) and that after a certain time after I followed them. So for example: I created auto following people. Now I want to unfollow the people I follow with at least 12 hours after I followed them. Thank you
  • 11-6 17:22