• Ghazy
  • My topic I can't spin Arabic Language
  • Hello  I am trying to spin articles written in Arabic lang, I know that Spinnerchief supports Arabic lang but I have tried many times to spin words manually with no result. Every time I select a word, I see no alternative words appear. Also, I want to know how translation spin works, I want to translate spun articles from English to Arabic. I am using Spinnerchief 5  Thanks 
  • 2018-09-12 06:41
  • Ghazy
  • My topic Please Upgrade SC API Acces...
  •  bought SpinnerChief III Ultimate Version - I am on 3 days trial ($7). I would like to try API Access and then purchase $67 license version. I have also another problem, i don't know what is  my API username I have sent my payment email to you  Can you please check 
  • 2014-11-17 10:44
  • Ghazy
  • My topic I've sent the payment
  • I' ve upgraded my subscription to the annual subscription and i sent 67 Dollars   .. the payment  but i still  have no messages in my inbox to activate the software 
  • 2014-10-24 04:44
  • Ghazy
  • My topic A problem With spinnerchief...
  • I have done a mistake  i got a problem with WhiteHatBox. it wasn't open . so i delete it and installed it again and installed the spinnerchief 3 ultimate  again  and open it and put my user name and serial but i got a massage  sorry your serial number is invalid or expired   there is a box shown and word (Null) written inside it  (i'm sure i write it right and my account will expire at midnight of today )  and also i got this massage  Notice:One serial number only be allowed to use by one user. We have the system to detect how many people are using the serial number .if it used by more people , we may disable this serial number. So please only use this for yourself and don't share it . So now . what i can do to prove that this is my computer and regain my serial number   i hope that you can fix my problem before midnight because this my last day at the 3 days and i have to purchase one year account at midnight  thank you 
  • 2014-10-23 10:14