• Cedric55555
  • My topic BotChief IMPORTANT!!
  • Hello, i want to buy your Elite service for weeks now but I got no support so please answer me. I need automated email account creation for,,, and if it works, also for gmail and hotmail. My question is if this can be included in your service this week so I can get my hands on no later than next week. I want to add that I tried to create a email account creator by myself but when you navigate to the registration page the integrated browser shows certification error. Also I hope you can tell me how I get saved the created account data. I'd be glad to get a quick response. Greetings C.Schwarz
  • 2014-08-02 10:55
  • Cedric55555
  • My topic Bot Chief Problem
  • Hello, I created a yahoo account creator and I was already finished but I don't get used to import Names from my .txt files. Everytime I trie to import the Names from the .txt files and start the Bot the Bot fills all imported names in one line. Could you help me fast via Team Viewer? I would like to buy Elite BotChief but I want to try it before so please help me I tryed it the last hours.
  • 2014-07-27 08:54