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A part of website woun't load

ReplyThanks 2019/05/06 16:56:46 0 0
I made a pinterest scrapper that stopped working, then i changed to GeckoFx 45. Now woun't load again, after i log nothing works. The only solution to make it work is to change to mobile user agent but i can't scrape any data that's interest me.
2019/05/06 18:39:54

Pinterest must update its website. Can you adjust your scrape settings? then check if it works?

You can switch to another browser if GeckoFx45 cannot load the page.

Waiting for your news.

2019/05/06 21:58:47

The only browser that wotks is chorme, on GeckoFx45 33 i get just a blank page.

Thanks for help!

2019/05/08 16:48:56

Which page of Pinterest are you visiting please when you get a blank page?

I will notify our programmer to check it, thanks for your help.

2019/05/10 07:45:45
Nothing works after i log in, just the first page after loging in but if i scroll down new pins don't load
2019/05/13 18:15:42

So sorry for the late reply

Can you please send us the screenshot of your problem?

waiting for your news.

2019/05/14 20:09:30
Strange, not its working. But thank you!
2019/05/16 15:15:43
5 # lorand 2019/5/10 7:45:45
Nothing works after i log in, just the first page after loging in but if i scroll down new pins don't load
Now many sites do not work on version 45 GeckoFx engine, because it is significantly outdated. For such sites, use the Chrome browser engines (as you wrote above) or GeckoFx version 60, or try changing the user agent to one of the latest versions of firefox.
Module Development - wrkgml@gmail.com // Thanks - https://ko-fi.com/arbots
2019/05/17 15:53:02

Thanks for your help. Karmagedon.

Yes it is correct. Once a page cannot be loaded, then you can try to switch the browser to a higher one, then probably your issue will be solved.

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