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Impossible to create Ig accounts with number - Big issue !

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Hi ,

i use Pva creator for instagram with getsmscode

Trying to create accounts Only with numbers

a window opens showing 'miliseconds for code'' , however code is Never inserted into the account window(the normal window of registration , when number username ect is typed by the softwear)

It's impossible to create accounts.

Anyone can knows anything about this issue ? i attached my settings also

thank you

2019/04/22 14:21:33

The pop-up window is just a notification that you have x million seconds to enter yourself phone number manually to verify during register.

If you want to enter the phone number and code automatically, you can choose one of the built in phone services smspva or getsmscode.

I checked all screenshots you share. The one you shown to me are correct.

Did you enter a value for "Time used to enter code" option? If yes, try to remove it, then check if there will be a window pop up when running.

Waiting for your news.

2019/04/23 19:48:39
Tried your recomendation and worked.Thanx for the tip.However , after code inserted i get ban many times while i got charged for number ' something went wrong creating your account ' , sometimes i get other errors which increase the cost and success rate too much.Thanx however !
2019/04/24 15:21:54
What you mean is your account get banned soon after it created successfully?

Are you using different proxies to create these accounts please?

What other issue is please? More details share to me please?

Waiting for your news.
Kang Arif
2019/04/28 23:12:29
can't create an Instagram account
2019/04/30 11:50:16
5 # Kang Arif 2019/4/28 23:12:29
can't create an Instagram account

Can i know what the issue you get please? Let me help you check it.

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