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Update nag screen will not close

ReplyThanks 2019/04/19 17:01:07 0 0

I can not use the software because of the update nag screen - it refuses to close so the whole application is unusable.

Get rid of the stupid nag screen - also if you dont fix this ASAP I will require a full refund.

I can not use the program.

Lily Brown
2019/04/19 18:41:49
Can you send me some screenshots of your problem?
2019/04/19 21:28:25

I made a support ticket - they have not fixed it yet

Its just the message alert box - you cant close it most of the time & it stops the whole app from being useable

2019/04/24 18:22:47

We made another update for this software, can it solve your issue please?

If the issue is till the same, please add our Skype live:whitehatbox then we can arrange a time and let our programmer help you check it directly via remote control.

Waiting for your news.

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