Having tested this software for a while now, I realized that it needs to be better.I have tested with adsense account and I have some reactions.Google is upgrading it's algorithm everyday to fish out patterns such as this bot.This bot doesn't scroll on the inner link when clicked, this can increase bounce rate and I also noticed that this hot doesn't open ads when if campaigns are customed to visit inner page.This bot follows one pattern with each campaign which can be very botlike to google. Directs visits are also very suspicious to google for any website to get high traffic rate. It's very suspicious when thousands of visits come to your website without cookies.My suggestions for this not1. Should be able to click other inner links within a particular campaign2. Should be able to scroll inner pages3. Should be able to generate cookies like a normal web user (thouhsands of web users without cookies is too obvious for google to detect as hot)4. We should be able to pause campaigns because when campaigned is stopped when it starts again it goes to use IPs that have been used, it starts over.If you don't try to work on this within the next few days, many google adsense users could loose their accounts no matter the proxy.Google is aware that high anonymous proxies are available hence they have upgraded their algos to detect patterns.