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Looking for Talented Experience Bot Chief Maker to Make traffic bot

ReplyThanks 2019/04/06 05:36:57 0 0
we are looking for someone to develop a traffic bot with fingerprint technology built in that uses real 4G IPS addresses.. Experience programmers with fingerprint technology experience only. Traffic bot must read as a real browser like google chrome or firefox or microsoft edge...must not be detected by ad networks as illegal or fraudulent traffic. We also want them to add a auto scroll the page meaning once the page is loaded it will scroll from top of the page to the bottom of the page. Traffic must mimic Verified Audience Level or Zeroclick traffic and be real to google analytics and ad networks we used.
2019/04/09 18:55:51

We can help you develop it if you are interested in.

You can add our development department staff Skype: chinasunny5

Let me know if you have any question for our software.

2019/04/09 22:02:24
what is the difference between what u can make and trafficbotpro.com
2019/04/10 13:43:25

We will totally develop it based on your requirements.

Can i know what you will do with this bot please? Are you gonna sell it to others or just use it by yourself?

2019/04/10 21:20:25
We are only using it for our websites we own only. This is going to be product for us only. So how long will it takes lr we should just buy the pro version on traffbotpro website?
2019/04/11 11:17:17

Thanks for your reply.

You will get the software for a few minutes if you just buy it from the official sale page of TrafficBotPro. The speed of activating the software is controlled by your payment account.

If you need a custom developing software, you can add this Skype Chinasunny5 to talk about the details.

Let me know if you need more help.

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