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ReplyThanks 2019/03/11 18:57:57 0 0
I'm going to buy navater creator pva, but I need to know, do I have to buy any additional services, like 2capchas or telephones? Do you need to register with a credit card? Napster accounts, register for free?
2019/03/13 18:12:20

Yes you need to buy these services by yourself if you need to use them. We are using the 3rd party services too.

Yes it can register account with credit card.

Let us know if you need more help in the future.

2019/04/14 15:36:25
What third party services do I need to create napster accounts?
Lily Brown
2019/04/15 15:37:25

You need a 2Captcha service:

register an account at 2captcha.com , then charge your account and find your api key in Account Panel, then copy it to the software.

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