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Where is the documentation?

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Anyone knows where the documentation is?

I need to use several functions and do several things which are not described in the tutorial videos:

  • How to use and manage CSV variables?
  • How to edit POS for words (ex. change POS:NN to POS:NNP)
  • How to use Favsrule manager properly
  • Etc.

I can't find structured information on the forum either.

Thank you.

2019/02/14 16:40:36

Sorry, here is no documentation for this software temporary. But you should be able to find more tutorials related to this software.

1, which function are you talking about please? And where you need to manage the CSV variable?

2, under Settings tab, you can click Manage button from "Thesaurus" to change the word

3, will reply to you later after we checked it. Please wait for the news.

2019/02/14 17:00:50


Thanks for the answer. Here is more information:

1. The function i'm talking about is this one:

2. In manage thesaurus I can change and edit words. But how can I edit their POS?

For example. In the following picture you see that SpinnerChief gives a "POS:NNP" (plural noun) to the word "SOS", which is a mistake. Where/how can I change the POS of each word so that I correct these mistakes?

3. Ok thanks.

2019/02/14 17:59:02
Ok thanks for the help, i will inform our programmer to check it soon, please wait for the news.
2019/03/11 19:16:09


It's been almost one month and I'm still waiting for an answer.


2019/03/13 18:22:42
Sorry i haven't received message from the programmer. But i already informed him to check it again, please wait for the news.
2019/03/13 19:00:08

Thank you.

It's really important because the spinning done by SpinnerChief out of the box it's really lacking (it's way better than most of its competitors, but not enough for human readers).


2019/03/14 18:45:36

Here is the reply from the programmer:

1, enable csv variable first, then load your csv file. Choose a variable in your spin article, then software will generate the article to replace the value in variable.

2, sorry POS cannot be edit in the software recently. But you can choose find all available settings under Duplicate Mark Settings.

3, mark heart for the synonymous word you love under the main interface of SpinnerChief. Then under Settings tab, click Thesaurus option, then you can manage all your favored words.

You can choose use these favorite thesaurus in spin or spin to spintax function.

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