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Proxy question

ReplyThanks 2019/02/07 21:24:15 0 0
I have zenmate vpn and I've been using that with trafficbotpro but is it enough or do I need to buy proxies so google can accept each site visit as a unique visit? If so how many proxies do I need and do I need to buy a captcha solver? Please help. Thanks.
2019/02/13 18:07:28

You'd better buy proxy to run in this software. The settings for VPS in the software is a little complex, also some of VPN cannot work in this software.

Here is a scrape proxy function in the software, you can use it to scrape free proxies from online to use too.

The number of proxies should be related to what task you need to run. Usually if you run a ads click task, we will suggest you use different proxies each time, and do not run the task so frequently, this can keep your account safe.

No need to buy capthca solver. Usually fresh proxy won't need to verify captcha. If Google asks for, which means this ip has been detected, at this moment, you'd better change a fresh proxy to run.

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