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How to convert .dat thesaurus to .txt (back and forth

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I'm also posting here because I didn't get any answer thru support yet. So maybe someone can help me.

I just moved from TheBestSpinner to SpinnerChief 5. I find the software way better overall, but I need to merge a SpinnerChief thesaurus (.dat format) and the thesaurus I made with TheBestSpinner (.txt format).

In order to do that I need to first convert the .dat thesaurus into .txt so that I can remove duplicate lines and merge it properly.

Can you please tell me how to do it ?
I spent dozens of hours on my .txt thesaurus and I can't afford to lose everything.

Thank you

2019/02/02 17:12:31

Create a empty thesaurus first, then load it, then you can upload your txt thesaurus to the software to use.

2019/02/05 19:37:12
Yes. But what I need is first convert SC thesaurus to txt in order to merge it with my own thesaurus.

That way I get the best of both worlds ^^


Solved. You can export the thesaurus as long as you make sure to download it first.

2019/02/14 14:29:34

Ok thanks for letting us know.

Please feel free to contact us if you need more help in the future.

İbrahim Uçak
2019/04/13 23:31:38
Can you tell us in more detail, please?
Lily Brown
2019/04/15 18:55:35

Here the thesaurus that the software itself carries cannot be exported.

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