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Reddit version stopped working

ReplyThanks 2019/01/18 14:24:24 0 0

everything was working great until today, jobs can't get past the 2captcha step anymore

please check, thanks!

2019/01/18 17:54:15
Is there any funds in your 2catpcha account please?
2019/01/18 19:10:22
I'm emulating 2captcha using capmonster, it has been working well in the last week with over 40% success rate, now it's 0.
2019/01/19 14:20:54

I just isolated the captcha solver FOR just PVAcreator, the captchas are being solved correctly, but the controls are not found in the next step, screenshot with error messages attached

2019/01/21 11:34:42

Thanks for your feedback.

I will inform our programmer to check it soon. Please wait for the news.

2019/01/21 18:19:12

Our programmer tested it in our side, it works well.

So do you have Skype please? You can add our Skype whitehatbox. Let's arrange a time to do teamviewer, i will arrange our programmer to help you check it directly.

Waiting for your news.

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