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Gmail PVA not working

ReplyThanks 2019/01/05 08:39:17 0 0

The software fails to select any gender on the gmail signup page.

I have to manually select it for EACH account. Then it gets stuck on the terms page.

I have attached the screenshots here:

Stuck at gender:

Stuck at next page:

Error Msg:

2019/01/06 15:22:15
can you help me with creating accounts bro
2019/01/06 22:56:11

I don't know man, this support is so bad. Almost as bad as their PVA Creator tool.

So many complaints but no solutions.

2019/01/07 10:24:28

@gettoaddmefast did you bought this software please? You can follow following manual to setup it, then check if it works.


That is so sad. Did you report this to us before please? If yes, then we must add it to our work list and arrange our programmer to check and fix it soon.

Can i know how you setup the parameters before run please? Maybe some of your settings are wrong. Here is a manual for PVACreator Gmail, you may have a look:


Please do not some operations in the debug window manually, it may cause the software fails to run.

Waiting for your news.

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