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Questions before purchase

ReplyThanks 2019/01/05 00:57:31 1 0

I have decided to buy traffic bot and I found a lot of software on market and each one has its own options, my main purpose to purchase traffic bot software is to get Organic Targeted keywords traffic to my website to increase my impression and average CTR.

I have a few questions :

1- I want to target Arab countries such as Saudi Arabic, Yemen, Oman, Iraq, UAE, Qatar, and Libya, Does your software working fine with these countries?

2- Do I need to buy a VPN service? which one is best for this software (HMA VPN,Nord VPN Premium or Express VPN Premium )?

3- How many keywords I can submit for each campaign?

4- How many campaigns I can run daily?

5- Do you have Arab Proxies from these countries I have mention above?

I hope I can get an answer shortly.

Best regards,

2019/01/08 11:56:11
Thanks for your interest.

1, yes it works well. Proxy can decide where your traffic is from. Which means if you want to get traffic from Yemen, then please buy the proxy where it is from Yemen.

2, Proxy can work well in this software. Of course, if you have VPN which can be configured to your computer system to use, then you can use VPN in this software to run your campaign well too.

3, You can enter as many keywords as you need to do the search in one campaign, our software does not limit it.

4, No limit for the number of Campaigns too. And you can set it as many as you need. But please confirm the configuration of your computer can hold so many campaigns to run at the same time.

5, Sorry, we do not sell proxy. But you can go to Google one. Or check our recommend proxy website and see if they provide Arab proxies.
2019/01/08 23:56:36
Thank you for your kind late reply,

Actually, I have no experience with traffic bots so if you have a tutorial video for how to use the bot and how to set-up the campaign and upload the proxies will be better.

Best regards
2019/01/09 11:23:26

Here is one tutorial created before, maybe you can check how it works.


If there is any problem to use this software, please let us know, we will try our best to help you.

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