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get sms code not working anymore

ReplyThanks 2019/01/04 12:10:11 0 0

hi support

yesterday i purchased pva creator for gmail ans also put some fund in getsmscode but problem is in getsmscode dont have much phone numbers right my 90 phone number request failed and only 5 request successful to create gmail account .. always get a same error in phone number input place i already added a screenshot. so my point is what i do you provided 2 sms service . if this is not working then pvacreator is useless without phone verification .

2019/01/04 18:24:37
Do you have better phone service suggested? We can help you check and add it. We are continuing to find a better phone service to use too.

Just change another country phone number eg: Malaysia, then check if it can verify the account.
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