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where's the support team? don't know how to use fb pva creator

ReplyThanks 2019/01/02 07:30:25 0 0
where's the support team? I need help with fb pva creator, can some support leave their skype so we can talk? I submitted a ticket a day ago and still haven't got an answer please help out
2019/01/03 17:22:35

Sorry, we must miss your mail. What is your support id please? we will help you check it again.

Here is a simple manual for PVACreator Facebook, did you read it before?


Yes, you can add our Skype whitehatbox

2019/01/04 04:12:47
what's the benefit of using 2 email to register for fb account, couldn't it just be done with one email? register and verify with same email?
2019/01/04 18:27:40
No it is using one email to register. The another one is used to receive the verification mail. If the register and verify email is the same, then you can enter the same data for both email column.
2019/01/06 07:09:26

what's the common information tab?


2019/01/06 07:30:07
also explain what bind is, is really confusing that the bind option is only available on common info and proxy manager, what's selecting a column, what are the bind options mean? when i click start it says no account to register, please create some account first. There's little to no info on how to use the tool and support is always offline, might as well consider a refund
2019/01/07 16:30:55

It is just how we name this column. Please ignore it.

Did you check the manual i share here? Please check it, then it must be clear for you to use this software.

Bind is same as Add. If you cannot understand what's the meaning of this word, can you use some tool to translate or Google it?

Any screenshot shares to me about how you setup the task before run? Let us help you check it.

Waiting for your news.

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