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Solving Captcha

ReplyThanks 2018/12/28 03:59:43 0 0

Hi there,

I am having issues to solve a Captcha, check the exemple below:

There is no API it's only a url when you refresh it generates another captcha, the format is like this:


Possible characters: 23456789bcdfghjkmnpqrstvwxyz

Length: 5

Is there any way to solve this ?


2018/12/28 14:56:42

You can use Captcha command to solve it directly. And it is very easier to setup it.

You can share us the link of the catpcha. We can help you check it.

2018/12/28 22:31:04


You can check a live demo here: https://www.phpcaptcha.org/try-securimage/

Thanks :)

2018/12/29 11:58:00

Just use Captcha command, then it can be solved. Here is the sample:


Please remember to enter you deathbycaptcha account information in this interface, then software can auto solve it.

2018/12/29 12:47:10

I created a DeathByCaptcha account and set it as default service, but when I run your sample it's doesn't work I am having an input error.

I am actually using Chrome for my bot is it possible to show me how to do it ?


2018/12/29 14:12:18

Did you bought this software? Can i have your payment email account please?

Any screenshot shares to us about the input error? You can use Geckofx browser to solve this one directly.

Here is the sample about how it will work with Chrome:


2018/12/29 18:30:50

I am getting the same error...

2018/12/29 23:21:06

Never mind it's working fine now ! I had a free DeathByCaptcha account that's why it didn't work, I had to buy a package before. I have one last issue, I need to block a CSS pop up in the wanted website where I run my bot and for this I use a chrome extension and everything works fine. The only issue is I need to install the extension every time I run the bot, is there any way to fix this ? Otherwise my bot will always fail because the CSS pop up will compromise all the instructions. I tried to install the extension manually and load it from local directory, but it doesn't work when I run the bot with BotChiefRunner, the extension won't load I need to install it again.

2019/01/03 18:23:17

Sorry for the late reply and thanks for your feedback.

Got the news from the programmer, here is his reply:

We haven't found a better solution for this one recently. But we will keep trying to solve it asap. Please wait for the news.

This one worked well before, but right now we will get an error that the auto load frequency is too high.

I already added it to work list. Please wait for the news. So sorry for the inconvenience.

2019/01/03 23:35:25

This is a real problem for me so please try to solve it ASAP... I have one last request my bot keeps dying because of time out page load, I tried everything to fix this without any result.

What I want is if the control is not found within 5 secondes which means the page is time out, execute this function:

If page is timeout returns True, reload the page, Else click on search.

In the picture the Goto refers to le loop to restart the reloading again and check if item is found.

Please help my bot doesn't last 10 min because of this.


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