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Yo Celebs

Is it possible to for this program to send 10-15,000 hits a day

ReplyThanks 2018/12/12 06:11:05 0 0

I have tried to send a good amount of hits before with this program but I have always failed. I have only sent like 20-40 hits per day to our site. I am wanting to send 10,000 to 15,000 hits to our site and have it click on ads with a ctr in the 0.30-0.40 range. I have found this program uses so much cpu and ram power that it would be near impossible to send 10k hits per day to our site.

If anyone is able to send me that amount of traffic with a good ctr from good residential ips I would rather just pay you for your help or doing it for me. Let me know if you can help with the program for me to get that amount of traffic or can send traffic to my site.

2018/12/12 14:02:25

What campaign are you running please? I can help you check and test it in my side.

Are you using any proxies to run in this campaign please?

You can tell me which website ads you want to click, then share me the detailed information, i will help you setup the task and confirm it can run well.

What is ctr please?

Waiting for your news.

Yo Celebs
2018/12/13 05:39:22
Can I pay you to setup the bot to achieve 10,000 hits per day going to my site from google. You setup proxies and set it up where it clicks on ads? Let me know. Thanks
Yo Celebs
2018/12/13 05:39:36
Send me your contact information so we can discuss. Thanks
2018/12/13 18:05:50

You can contact us on http://support.whitehatbox.com

We can help you setup the task to run, but could you please provide the data by yourself. The data you need to provide is: proxy, your website link, which ad you want to click, which page is your website ranked on Google?

Yo Celebs
2018/12/21 22:37:20
I am still in need of someone to setup this program for me. I have contacted support a few times but it takes a long time to reply. If anyone can set this up for me with proxies, clicking on ads etc.. please contact me. I need it setup where it sends 15,000 uniques per day to our website. Thanks
2018/12/24 17:15:52

Sorry, we must deal with all mails first, then we will go to reply others.

Can i know what your website link is? Which ads you want to click please? Please provide all detailed information to us, then we can help you setup the task directly.

Waiting for your news.

Yo Celebs
2019/01/07 10:12:09
We have sent another email please reply to it. Thanks
2019/01/07 11:23:58
I have successfully set it up to drive tons of traffic to all the sites I service! Working on fixing the ad click feature now, stick with it, it will do wonders for your sites!
2019/01/07 16:01:10

Thanks for your feedback. And glad to hear about it.

We tested ads click function in our side too. It works.

The programmer says maybe your proxy/network fails to load the page fully, that is why it does not click the ads.

If it still won't work in your side. Please provide us one of your task, we will help you check the ads click part.

Waiting for your news.

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