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Dmitry Pismennyy

How to spread visitors in time

ReplyThanks 2018/12/05 22:16:43 1 0


1. How to spread visitors in time? Eg. I want to get 2400 visitors per day, but spread them to achieve ~100 visitors per hour. What should be used to achieve this?

2. What is difference between "interval time to next page" and "search interval time" ?

3. Is there any complete doc/faq with explanation all settings in tool?


2018/12/07 13:43:52

1, i am sorry here is no such a function in TrafficBotPro. But right now, you can set the Hit to be 100 per day, then software will only run 100 times, then will auto stop running.


Interval time to next page: the pause time to continue to search on next page in Google, Yahoo, Bing........
eg: if you want to search your website on Google, and here are 5 search reuslts. When bot finished searching your website at 1st page, then it will pause 2-5 seconds, then will continue to do the search on 2nd page.....

Search interval time: the pause time to re launch a new debug window to run.

3, Here is a tutorial for this software, probably you can have a look:

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