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Essential to Hide TrafficBotPro License Key

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TrafficBotPro is a desktop software and its License key is open to all which is not secure at all.

It is very easy to stealing that key if someone wants.

So I am requesting you to update the software by hiding the license key Like ************. So that no body can see my license key.

I expect it will be resolved by your engineer very soon.

Alamgir Hossain
2018/12/07 12:39:45

Very thanks for your suggestion.

Did you want to hide the license in the access interface or did you want to hide the license at the top of the main interface of this software?

2018/12/11 14:30:23

Yes, Definitely I want this secure update of TB. So that no body can see my license key.

Thanks again.

Alamgir Hossain
2018/12/11 17:02:54

Thanks for your suggestion.

I already added it to our work list. When our programmer got free time, they will make the update soon. Please wait for the news.

2018/12/11 20:40:07

Appreciate it!

I also your Spinnerchief 5 ultimate user.

Please activate this update to Spinnerchief software too if possible.

Best regards

Alamgir Hossain
2018/12/12 11:29:35

No problem.

Thanks for your remind and your support. You can pay attention to the update of these softwares.

Let me know if you need more help in the future.

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