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TrafficBotPro adsense ads can not displayed

ReplyThanks 2018/11/13 23:08:27 1 0
Adsense ads are not currently appearing and programmers are trying to solve this problem. I'm opening this up for information. If you're experiencing a problem with this issue, we can comment on it and exchange information.
Tahir yavuz
2018/11/14 05:12:02
Unfortunately I have the same problem with me. Only Adsense ads don't appear in the '' Debug '' window. Ad slots open, but the ad doesn't appear.I'm still waiting for the solution to the problem.
2018/11/14 16:23:47

Thanks for your help @ultradragon.

Can i have your websites please? @ultradragon @Tahir yavuz?

Our programmer already found a solution for it, and now we need website to do the test.Thanks for your help if you can.

2018/11/14 18:38:56


I sent you my website address on the ticket section.

2018/11/15 11:19:29

Thank you.

Already got it.

Just talked this with the programmer, we will release the update today. After we updated it, it should work well.

2018/11/15 19:44:47
New update worked, thanks :)
2018/11/16 18:44:01

Thanks for letting me know.

Let us know if you need more help in the future.

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