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Basic questions before purchase

ReplyThanks 2018/11/02 20:32:17 0 0
The software sounds interesting. I still have a few questions.

1) Can I run the software on a VPN? Do you have recommendations, which VPN should I take?

2) Do you have recommendations, which provider of proxies should I take and how many proxies I need?

3) Can the Ad Clicks software also generate traffic that does not click Ads? If not, I would have 100% CTR. Then my account would be blocked immediately. Or do I have to buy the full version with all functions?

4) Is there a detailed manual or a video manual? Would you log in to my VPN for support and set the software for me?

5) 5) It would also be important to me that the software first clicks on the page for a while. For example, five to 10 pages opens. And only then click on an ad.

6) Also in the landing page behind the ad, the software should stay awhile and open pages.

Points 5 and 6 are important. I have some experience with self-clicks and know that otherwise the process will not work properly.

2018/11/05 15:00:18

1, yes you can run this software with VPN. Just bought a VPN which can be configured to your computer system to use, then it can work well in this software too. The settings of VPN between your pc and this software is the same.

2, Just buy HTTP proxy. We do not sell proxy, here is the proxy website we recommended: http://www.squidproxies.com/ You can buy proxy from other websites. Or you can use Luminati.

3, Yes it also can do the search on each domain to get traffic besides click ads for ads click version. Yes full version has all functions.

4, here is a simple tutorial which was created before, you can have a look: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CUr_WQeTWNI&t=169s If there is any problem to setup the VPN to the software, you'd better contact your VPN supplier to know how to use it on your computer system, they are much professional than us. But you can contact us too if here is any problem for it.

5, You can set a stay time on your page before click ads in this software. Or you can set another click in your another page.

6, check question 5.

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