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Is there a way to auto detect words with written synonyms already?

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I went through a long article and manually chose synonyms for almost every word and when I got to similar words it was automatically highlighted in bold. When I finished the full article and went to use "Super Replace" for the bold words, the software crashed. I opened the software again and all of my bold words are gone and will not bold again when I highlight them even though the brackets and everything are still there.

How can I get the words to bold again? Is there something I can use to go through the full article and locate all of the words I wrote synonyms for?

Right now it looks like I will have to re-select the words and do the synonym process again because it is not picking up words with synonyms already.

2018/10/29 18:20:17

Sorry for the late reply.

Sorry i do not find the super replace option in my side. If possible, could you please record a simple video to share us how you did all? I will do the same test in my side.

Waiting for your news.

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