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Compiled Module Interface Suggestion

ReplyThanks 2018/10/06 19:05:47 0 0

The interface is inconvenient. It has a lot of flaws, in my opinion.

The interface is overloaded, too wide, inconvenient settings (I closed the application several times trying to close the settings page), confusion with settings, all task management on one page, confusion with launching a single task or all tasks at once, separate log pages, results and status, and other.

At the same time, the BotChief Runner interface is amazing. I propose to make the interface of the compiled modules similar to the interface of the BotChief Runner.

Easy management, convenient settings, add task wizard, user-friendly interface.

You need to remove some functionality from it, add something, and the modules will work as modules built by the developers in the program.

Module Development - [email protected] // Thanks - https://ko-fi.com/arbots
2018/10/12 18:05:53

Sorry for the late reply.

Very thanks for your suggestion. We will take your suggestion into consideration. Please wait for the news.

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