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Step by step guide for Gmail accounts?

ReplyThanks 2018/09/26 08:43:46 0 0

Hi, is there a step by step guide for creating Gmail accounts including what needs to be done with smspfa.com and getsmscode.com available? I'm a bit confused with what I need to do with these sites.

I've watched the videos, but the ones I've seen don't go into much detail about that part so if anyone is able to point me in the right direction that would be most appreciated.

Thanks very much :)

2018/09/26 14:30:41

Here is a simple manual for PVACreator Gmail, wish it will be helpful to you.


2018/09/26 14:47:03

Thanks very much for that :) What is the purpose of the proxy? Is it just the computer I'm running the application from and can I choose any TCP port?



2018/09/27 13:43:33

Proxy is used to hide your local ip address and make your account secure.

Our software only supports HTTP proxy.

2018/09/28 10:36:02
Thanks for your help Aprilcaicai. Is there a way to make this more reliable? I am able to get a few accounts created, but have to attempt hundreds just to get a few that will succeed. It seems to either stop at loading website entirely, which I suppose could be the proxy, but mostly, the phone number being used by smspva is giving the error that it is invalid.
2018/09/28 15:41:36

Did you try getsmscode phone service?

Please use Malaysia phone number if you choose getsmscode phone service.

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