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TrafficBotPro - Adsense clicking - how to stay on clicked advert

ReplyThanks 2018/09/03 19:38:32 0 0


I've just about managed to get advert clicking somewhat working. The only problem is, the bot clicks advert, loads the page and then closes the window.

If this keeps happening, Google will not believe it is a real person, delivering value. I need the bot to stay on the advert clicked page for about two minutes, and to perhaps... scroll, like it does for my site where it clicked the advert.

Any help on site?

2018/09/04 19:59:02

Edit the load time, then it will stay on the ads page as long as you need.

Let me talk this with our programmer and see if it can do the scroll and move on the ads page. Please wait for the news.

2018/09/05 17:00:56
Sorry, got the news from our programmer. It cannot scroll down and up in the ads page. We will take it into consideration. Please wait for the news.
2018/09/06 07:05:01

The max time it can be configured to is 99999 milliseconds. On some very slow proxies, this is not sufficient.

The program does not take into account when internet requests are still undergoing, and no actions/scrolling/mouse moves, clicks, etc should happen until the page is fully loaded. Google would definitely find it suspicious if an advert were to be clicked and the page had not fully loaded.

The closing of the window, again, I believe should be when the requested ad page fully loads. Having it set to a time (that is within a range) is not sufficient, especially for slower proxies. It should check to see if the load requests are done.

Please advise,


2018/09/07 18:35:35

Then you can edit that value to be much larger which is enough to load the page.

Very thanks for your suggestion, we will take it into consideration. Please wait for the news.

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