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Michał Kliś

cpm network

ReplyThanks 2018/07/24 20:32:28 0 0
doesnt work with propellerads.com ..... Maybe u know which cpm networks it will work with ????
Michał Kliś
2018/07/24 21:48:57
google wants captcha to solve what can i do ?
2018/07/25 14:20:45

Try to change another proxy to have a try.

Or enter your captcha apikey in settings, then software will auto verify it once the captcha appears.

Michał Kliś
2018/07/25 14:50:17
what do u mean by that ??? ( captcha apikey ) what is it , or where should i get it ????
Michał Kliś
2018/07/25 15:58:03
so what should i do ?
2018/07/25 16:07:29

It is a service which is used to auto solve the catpcha.

Visit 2captcha website, then charge for your account, then enter your account apikey here.

Btw, you can change a new proxy to have a try. Usually new proxy won't ask you verify the captcha.

Michał Kliś
2018/07/25 16:11:38
but how can i get/put new proxy? i must buy it or just click somewhere??
Michał Kliś
2018/07/25 16:17:59
1000 recaptchas cost 3 dollars - i'm earning 2 dollars per 1000 visits so its pointless ....... Do u know other way ????
Michał Kliś
2018/07/25 16:43:07
so ?? :-) is it all pointless, please help
2018/07/25 18:00:15

Free/paid http proxy works in this software.

I am sorry, we only provide the function to auto solve capthca. But if you need this service, you need to buy it own. This service is not from us.

You can choose not use this service too. Using fresh proxy usually can skip the captcha step.

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