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Michał Kliś

credit card

ReplyThanks 2018/07/24 15:49:48 0 0
How can i buy traffic bot by paypal ???? When i do it that said that i should add credit card ..... My bank block automaticaly when i do that becouse it is freud , the system said i did it 5x in yoan ??????? How can i buy?
Michał Kliś
2018/07/24 15:52:16
2 options : payind by credit card or paypal ???? So i chose paypal so why should i put credit card info ???
2018/07/24 16:06:16

You can pay for it via Paypal or Credit Card. You can choose one of them.

If both cannot work, please pay for it to our Paypal account directly: jsmith51208@vip.163.com

Once you finished the payment, please let us know. We will send the detailed information to you soon.

Waiting for your news.

Michał Kliś
2018/07/24 16:38:16
ok , i did it i send u 77 dollars, what now ? :-)
Michał Kliś
2018/07/24 16:40:19

u need number of transaction yes

???? Can u give me email where i can send it to u ???

Can u send me the program ???

2018/07/24 16:54:22
What is your Paypal/payment email account please? We will check it for you.
Michał Kliś
2018/07/24 17:00:53
2018/07/24 17:20:00
Which version of TrafficBotPro did you buy please? Could you please send me the screenshot?
Michał Kliś
2018/07/24 17:32:39

ihvae already did it i send u screenshot here : jsmith51208@vip.163.com

i bought the Search Engine ver. for 77 dollars

2018/07/24 17:44:22


I will send the details to you via email. Please check it later.

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