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I need help! I cant add my profile!

ReplyThanks 2018/07/15 21:50:06 0 0

Hi guys,

I just bought the tubeassistpro and for some reason, it's not working.

There are only a few buttons I am actually able to click on. The rest of the buttons is black and white. Even the "add" button is black and white and I cant click on it. So that means I can't even add my profile...

Can you guys help me?
Thank you so much in advance!

2018/07/17 17:58:41

Sorry, our programmer is working on updating it.

Could you please create a support ticket here, i will share the update file to you.


I am sorry, i cannot upload the update file here.

Waiting for your news.

2018/07/22 06:55:20

Buttons have been grayed out too.

Any updates?

2018/07/23 11:13:12

So sorry for the late reply.

We will release the update today.

If you cannot wait for the update, please try this solution:

Extract below file to the directory file of TubeAssistPro to replace the old files, then re start to run to check if the category button is enabled.


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