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Captcha breaking API integration

ReplyThanks 2018/06/22 17:52:13 0 0

Just purchased the search engine version, even my back connect proxies are burned by google frequently and showing Recaptcha image boxes

Is there support for captcha software or API integration or coming soon?

2018/06/23 16:22:36

We will take this function into consideration. Could you please wait for the news?

So did you need the software auto solve the captcha right?

What task are you running please? Where did you meet the captcha?

Waiting for your news.

2018/06/24 04:07:11

Just an integration to a popular API would be fine, the market probably don't need another captcha solver software. As long as you can support DeathByCaptcha or 2captcha, there are plenty of other software/service that'll easily emulate its protocol to make it work.

Just running Google searches, proxies were shared so on first search some of them get hit with nocaptchas image boxes

2018/06/25 15:09:05

Thanks for the suggestion.

We will consider to use the api of deathbycaptcha and 2captcha in TrafficBotPro.

Thanks for providing this information to us. I will forward it to the programmer. Please wait for the news.

Did you want to customize the function please? If yes, then we can help you develop it first.

Waiting for your news.

2018/06/25 16:19:18

Could you please do me a favor? I cannot get the google captcha in my side through google search.

Could you please find the cpatcha sitekey when you meet the google captcha? Then the programmer can check it.

Follow this screenshot to find the captcha sitekey please:

Waiting for your news.

2018/06/25 16:30:43
sent PM to your inbox
2018/06/25 16:37:37

Thanks. I received your message.

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