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BotchiefRunner 4.2.0

ReplyThanks 2018/05/16 00:30:33 0 0

Hello, I just updated BotchiefRunner to version 4.2.0. Perfect working bots running on GeckoFx 45 stopped working. Reason: unknown error.

With Botchiefeditor I had to switch browser between versions in order to get the module working.

Please advise.

2018/05/16 11:29:11

Please go to check which commands you get this unknown error notification.

Which browser version did you use to create your module before please?

Which browser version will you use to run your module right now please?

Waiting for your news.

2018/05/16 19:21:04
I don't think it is a problem of any particular set of commands because I just re-created a module that simply copies and writes files and it doesn't work either. Anyways, BotchiefRunner doesn't specifies that command that returns error, it just states "Reason: unknown error".

Now while recreating the mudule, BotchiefEditor was set on GeckoFx 45 version. After testing and running ok, I exported the module to GeckoFx 45 version. I then imported this module on BotchiefRunner (don't see any version to be set on the BotchiefRunner definitions) and it doesn't work.

Another major change besides the updating of the Runner and Editor versions, was the recent updating of windows to version 1803 (Windows 10 Pro), SO compilation 17134.48.
2018/05/17 04:09:42
After reverting to BotchiefRunner 4.1.9 (found zipped on my hard drive), I tried the mentioned modules. Both modules (built on BotchiefEditor 4.7.2 and remake built on BotchiefEditor 4.7.3) worked fine on BotchiefRunner 4.1.9.
2018/05/17 13:27:02

Very thanks for reporting this to us.

Our programmers are working on checking and updating it.

Please wait for a moment, later we will release the new update.

So sorry for the inconvenience.

2018/05/17 17:46:47
Many thanks, I just updated to version 4.2.1 and all is running smooth.
2018/05/17 17:52:55

Very thanks for the feedback.

Please feel free to contact us if you need more help in the future.

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