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Can botchief remove users from Facebook group?

ReplyThanks 2018/05/15 07:54:50 0 0
If I upload a csv file to botchief, can it

  1. read the csv file
  2. log into my facebook account
  3. go to a group I manage
  4. look for users listed in the csv file
  5. remove users if the name or facebook profile url matches the csv file?

2018/05/15 13:45:22

Yes, BotChief can do it.

Did you buy BotChief please?

We can help you create this bot if you need. Then you can use BotChief to study how we create it by yourself.

Did you have Skype please? Could you please add our Skype for further discussion?

Our Skype is WhiteHatBox

Waiting for your news.

2018/05/16 05:45:06

Hello Aprilcaicai,

I haven't purchased BotChief yet. If you can demonstrate that this solution will work for our group, I will purchase BotChief.

I have added all the WhiteHatBox accounts on Skype, please get in touch soon.

Thank you.

2018/05/16 11:32:45

Yes, BotChief can do it.

Could you please leave message on my Skype? Then i can know who you are.

Waiting for your news.

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