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Need Updated How to Videos - Spinner Chief 5

ReplyThanks 2018/04/05 16:43:57 0 0

Can't find any updated videos that show how to use all the features in Spinner Chief 5.

Current videos are either outdated or don't show the different settings or features.

2018/04/08 13:51:18

So sorry for the inconvenience.

We haven't created new tutorial for this program, but it is in our plan. We will update it ASAP after we finished it. Please wait for the news.

Now, please watch that videos to know how to use this program temporary.

Please feel free to contact us if you need more help in the future.

2018/04/08 13:59:47

Ok... I believe more people would purchase the program if ALL the features and setting where explained in videos. With old videos and no manual it's almost impossible to figure everything out. I think most people don't want to have to post a question for every little setting or feature.


2018/04/08 18:44:38

Yes, we agree

We will create these tutorials and update it ASAP. Please wait for the news.

So sorry for the inconvenience.

2019/11/24 20:08:52
More than a year has passed. But there are still no normal descriptions and videos for all the functions of the program!
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